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Indispensable tool for ION exchange separations of proteins

Connects Directly to Your WatersTM 650 Advanced Protein Purification System

You can now optimize the salt gradient separation of proteins by continuously monitoring the conductivity of your ion exchange buffer during your run.

  • INTEGRATED SYSTEM. The Acu I Conductivity Monitor comes complete with a unique flow-through conductivity cell assembly, electronic monitoring system with optional digital display, and all fluid lines and electrical cables required.
  • INDISPENSABLE TOOL FOR LC GRADIENT ELUTION OF PROTEINS. The conductivity monitor is ideally suited for continuous monitoring of salt gradients in ion exchange, reverse phase, hydrophobic interaction, and hydroxylapetite separations.
  • ULTRASTABLE SOLID STATE ELECTRONICS. The conductivity monitor uses the latest state of the art integrated circuitry, giving baseline stability, signal to noise ratio, and overall performance comparable to units costing many times as much.
  • ELECTRONIC ZERO SUPPRESSION. The conductivity monitor can be adjusted from 0 to 200% zero suppression using a panel mounted precision 10 turn potentiometer.
  • BROAD CONDUCTIVITY RANGES. The conductivity monitor has 3 front panel selectable conductivity ranges: 0 to 100, 0 to 1000, and 0 to 10,000 microsiemens. A high range monitor up to 100,000 microsiemens is available.
  • EASY INTERFACE WITH WATERS 650 APPS SYSTEM. Fluid connections are straightforward, using fittings provided in the 650 APPS start-up kit.
  • FLOW CELL OPTIONS ACCOMODATE 650 APPS SYSTEM FLOW RATE OPTIONS. The standard flow cell is suitable for use with 650 APPS systems configured to operate at flow rates up to 45 ml/min. For systems equipped for 80 ml/min maximum flow rates an optional larger volume flow cell is available.
  • LOW VOLUME FLOW CELL. The conductivity cell has an internal volume of less than 20 microliters.
  • POSITIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL. The conductivity monitor incorporates a thermister in the flow cell for positive temperature compensation.
  • IDEAL FOR LOW COST METHODS DEVELOPMENT. The conductivity monitor is ideal for low cost chromatography methods development for a wide variety of samples using different columns.

  • ELIMINATE GUESSWORK IN PROTEIN SEPARATIONS. Determine exact buffer compositions at the point that each protein elutes from the LC column.
  • OPTIMIZE DESALTING. Determine optimal cutoff point of separation of salt from protein in gel filtration.
  • MINIMIZE REGENERATION TIME OF ION EXCHANGE COLUMNS. Minimize the time to equilibrate an ion exchange column after a separation completion.
  • VERIFY COLUMN PACKING EFFICIENCY. Determine LC column packing efficiency before proceeding with a separation run.

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