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Shelfscientific is a division of Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc.
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New! Complete Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Measurement System for Micro Bio Samples See Full Details
Micromeasurement for pH, ion, DO, redox & flow-through

Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc. has been introducing the world to revolutionary laboratory equipment since 1976. Since their introduction of the micro pH electrode which measures 1/5 of a liquid drop, Lazar Research has become a leader in the field of micro measurements.

Complete Systems
Measure + Log + Plot all in one

Complete systems for pH, ion, redox, flow-through electrodes & Nitric Oxide

Our ArrowLabb(TM) Measurement & Plotting Systems are fully complete. Each system contains advanced digital meter, high quality electrode and our exclusive plotting software which logs and graphs directly on your PC. Save time and money by purchasing ArrowLabb All-in-One systems.

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Unique specialties

Nitric Oxide Measurement System - Superior alternative to Griess
Electrodes for NMR tubes - NMR electrodes for pH, redox, and ions
Low cost DO measurement using your pH meter
Micro flow through electrodes for pH, redox, ions, dissolved oxygen, and conductivity

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