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Complete Measurement Systems
Measure, Graph & Table all in one system
systems for pH, ion, redox, nitric oxide and more

What are ArrowLabb(TM) Systems?

ArrowLabb(TM) Systems are complete all-in-one measurement systems. Instead of spending time purchasing equipment separately, ArrowLabb(TM) Systems combines your entire measurement solution into a single box. The most unique feature about ArrowLabb(TM) Systems is that you these complete systems not only measure, but they also graph and tabulate data directly on your PC in an easy to use format using a unique software program.

After the success of our ArrowDox(TM) Micro Redox Measurement System and ArrowStraight(TM) Nitric Oxide measurement system, we have developed a large selection of all-in-one measurement systems which measure, tabulate and graph in one complete out-of-the-box solution. We now have systems for pH, redox, ions, nitric oxide and flow thru electrodes. Types of complete systems we carry:

Each system performs the following tasks:

  1. Measures - Measures pH using our sophisticated digital pH meter and application-specific pH electrode(s)
  2. Logs - Our exclusive software records details about your measurements straight to your PC for easy analysis.
  3. Graphs - Our exclusive software charts your data onto a graph so you can easily view and compare data.

Advantages of purchasing our ArrowLabb(TM) complete systems:

  • Cost efficiant - save money over purchasing meter & electrode separtely
  • Compatibility - no compatibility problems between components
  • Quick one-stop ordering - Save time researching products & purchasing products individually
  • Exlusive! Logs & graphs straight on your computer for easy data saving and analyzing

Each ArrowLabb(TM) System includes:

  • Advanced digital pH meter
  • Application specific pH electrode(s) (see listings below)
  • New!Exclusive logging & graphing software
  • Buffer solution tablets (simply add water)
  • Connecting Cables

Expand your lab: Compatible electrodes - 20% off

We have a large selection of pH electrodes which are compatible with all of our all-in-one measurement systems. This means that as the need arises you may order additional electrodes to add on to your system. Order now and we will give you 20% off any of our compatible pH electrodes that you purchase from us in the future. (Offer valid while supplies last.).

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