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Protein-Guard(TM) Clog free pH electrode

Protein-Guard<font size=-2>(TM)</font> Clog free pH electrode
Protein Gaurd(TM) pH electrode is guarenteed against damage from exposure to protein for 6 months. If this electrode malfunctions due to protein within 6 months of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.

Measuring pH of samples containing proteins such as supernate from cell culture, urine, serum, and tissue homogenates has always been a challenge because the protein rich samples tend to clog up the electrode. Our Protein Guard(TM) clog free pH electrode has a unique design that includes a retractable spring-loaded sleeve to easily renew the reference junction and unclog the electrode.

Protein Guard(TM) Flat Surface Electrode is available for surface samples which contain proteins.

Complete Protein-Guard(TM) Measurement Systems

Purchase our Protein-Guard(TM) electrode by itself or as a complete ArrowLabb(TM) Measurement System. The complete system includes everything you need to measure, log and graph all in one. System includes Protein-Guard(TM) electrode, advanced digital meter plus our exclusive logging and plotting software and more. Full details on complete pH systems.

Catalog Numbers and Prices:
Protein Guard(TM) Electrode - 1021RAL:$299.00
Protein Guard(TM) Flat Surface Electrode - 1021RAF:$325.00
Protein Guard(TM) Complete System - 1021RALXS:$960.00
Protein Guard(TM) Complete System - 1021RAFXS$990.00

pH Range: 0 to 13
Temp. Range: 0 to 100 oC
Body Type: glass
Dimensions: 12mm dia x 120 mm length
Internal ref.: Ag/AgCl

Description: Combination glass pH electrode with unique reference design that replaces the conventional porous ceramic junction with a retractable spring-loaded sleeve. This electrode is virtually clog free, resulting in longer useful electrode life and more accurate and stable measurements. To flush reference and renew reference junction simply press down on cap of electrode. After junction is renewed just release pressure on cap.

Applications: Samples containing proteins such as supernate from cell culture, urine, serum and tissue homogenates. Can also be used for other dirty samples which tend to clog pH electrodes such as emulsions, fat, cream, cosmetics, lacquer, liquor, low ionic strength solutions, oil, paint, suspensions, high solid content media, high viscosity solutions, honey, milk.

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