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HPLC solvent filter degasser

HPLC solvent filter degasser
Cat. No.: FG-256L
Unit Price: $597.00
Description: All flouropolymer HPLC solvent filter degasser fits on standard solvent bottles (38 mm cap size) for removing of particulate matter and simultaneously degassing HPLC solvents.
  • All PFA fluoropolymer construction. inert to most solvents, aqueous or organic.
  • Simple to install. fits directly on your standard solvent bottles or Erlenmeyer flasks.
  • Simple and economical to use. attach to any available vacuum line, put in the filter and you're operational.
  • In-line device can filter/degass 1 gallon in less than 10 minutes.
  • Vacuum line also establishes siphon to transfer solvent to storage bottle.
Accessory Cat. # Description Price B
Filter Membranes (47 mm dia., 0.2 micrometer porosity) SM-256L fluoropolymer filter membranes for organic solvents, pkg. of 10 $96.00B
Filter Membranes (47 mm dia., 0.45 micrometer porosity) SM-256AL Hydrophillic filter membranes for aqueous solvents, pkg. of 10 $75.00B

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