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Complete DO and PO2 Measurement Systems
Measure, Log & Graph dissolved oxygen all in one system

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Complete pO2 micro samples measurement and data logging system
System includes pO2 probe for measurement of your smallest samples.
Item number: DO-166MT-1SXS
Regular price: $2590.00
Sale price: $2341.00

Complete micro flow through DO measurement and datalogger system
System includes micro flow through DO electrode for flow through measurement of DO in small samples.
Item number: DO-166FTSXS
Regular price: $2490.00
Sale price: $2241.00

Complete DO Measurement and Datalog system for general samples
System includes dissolved oxygen probe for complete measurement and logging of DO in various samples.
Item number: DO-166-6SXS
Regular price: Ask For Quote
Sale price: Ask For Quote