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Micro Redox/ORP electrode

Limited time only! FREE digital redox meter with purchase of micro electrode Full Details

Cat. No.: ORP-146L
Unit Price: $499.00
Redox Potential Range: -1000 to + 1000 mv
Temperature range: 0 to 65 oC
Body Type: Fluoropolymer and epoxy
Minimum Sample Size: 5 microliters
Dimensions: 2mm dia X 150mm length
Internal Ref.: Ag/AgCl

Description: Micro redox-ORP electrode with solid state Pt sensor for measuring samples down to 10 microliters. Flexible fluoropolymer stem is guaranteed against breakage for the life of the electrode.

Applications:Measure redox potentials in any samples with volumes between 10 to 200 microliters. Use in microtiter plates, microcentrifuge tubes, NMR tubes, micro test tubes, isoelectric focusing gels.

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Limited time only! FREE digital meter with purchase of micro electrode Full Details

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